LifeSim 1.1.1

LifeSim 1.1.1

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Publisher: Sergey Ilyevsky
License: Shareware
Size: 512.0 KB
Date added: 2014-09-07
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Price: $1.99

LifeSim is a simulator for Conway's Game of Life on an infinite grid.

Infinite grid: explore huge civilizations on your iphone without the limits of finite or torus grids
Easy controls: drag to scroll, pinch to zoom, tap to toggle cells states
Hundreds of known patterns: explore them or use them as building blocks
Quick-start Game of Life tutorial

What is Conway's Game of Life?
Game of Life is a famous model devised by John Conway in 1970.
Imagine a universe existing of square cells on an infinite flat grid. A cell can contain life or be empty.
At each game step, live cells can stay alive, die, or multiply - according to 3 simple rules:
if a live cell had less than 2 live neighbors (at the previous state), it dies of loneliness
if a live cell had more than 3 live neighbors, it dies of overcrowding
if a dead cell had exactly 3 live neighbors, it comes to life

Now imagine a civilization starting from 3 cells placed in a row. What will it evolve into?
Can there be still patterns in this universe? Yes, the simplest one is 2x2 rectangle.
Is it possible to build a civilization that will move across the universe? Yes, there are such "spaceships",
and the smallest one consists of just 5 cells, so you can even try to discover it yourself.

LifeSim brings this amazing universe into your pocket. Tap on a few cells and see what they will evolve into.
Or explore hundreds of known beautiful patterns. Or try to protect a still life from a spaceship moving towards it.

More information about Game of Life can be found at LifeWiki (
LifeSim comes with a quick-start Game of Life tutorial (tap the help button).
Changes: Fixed the black popover windows issue on iPad that appeared in iOS 5.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.