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Rainbow Web for Mac 1.1
Rainbow Web takes you on a fun adventure to the land of fairies and elves. Spider, an evil wizard, has cast a spell over fairy creatures and spun a web over their kingdom. Solve 60 puzzles to break the spell now and return the land to sunshine!
Mirror Mixup 1.10.0
Mirror Mixup is the picture puzzle game with a great new twist. Levels are solved by selecting areas of the picture and twisting them horizontally or vertically. Features 4 unique game modes, 125 pictures, 150 levels and 200 bonus levels !
Circulate 1.14.0
Circulate spheres around each level by spinning the entire level left and right. Featuring 120 levels and over 20sphere types. Great visuals with over 40 sound effects.

Light and Shadow 2.03

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(1Mb): 24 s
(2Mb): 12 s
(5Mb): 05 s
(10Mb): 03 s

Unique puzzle game with a familiar concept. Light&Shadow is an unique puzzle game that takes a familiar concept to whole new level. The game is played on a 8x8 board filled with a variety of different game pieces. Each basic piece has a white symbol on one side and a black one on the other - flip them around the board to align rows or columns of four or more white symbols. Each time you align them they will shine up and the board will gain some 'white energy' - you need to build up an amount of this energy to solve a level. But beware! You must be careful not to accidentaly align the black symbols as you move around the board as they will drain some of the energy you have built up!

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Graphite: Pencil Sketching and Tracing 2.4.8 -  Trace your photos or draw freehand! Capture form, light and shadow with Graphite's simple interface and expressive tools.TRACE FROM CAMERA OR PHOTO LIBRARYImport images from your photo library or camera; study the masters and learn by doing.UNDO, ... ... (3/0) download
Orb Photography 1.1 -  Orb Photography is an application that helps to reveal the orbs that surround us everyday. Orbs are mysterious spots of light and shadow. Little is known about them, but they may be multi-dimensional spirit entities or a unknown life form. Orb ... ... (3/0) download
Light and Sound Meditation Method 2.0 -  Light and Sound Meditation Method is a small, animated screensaver specially designed to bring some peace to your desktop.To hear the inner sound and to see the inner light, your physical ears and eyes are not needed. ... (12/0) download
Rubicon Helv Light and Black v1.31 -  Rubicon Helv Light and Black is a TrueType typeface similar to Helvetica. This sans text font is accurate and well-hinted. It has a full character set, complete with matching font metrics and kerning pairs. ... (334/0) download
FCorp - ID Book 2011.7 -  Portable, Light, and simple address book with Powerful features. ... (6/0) download
Orbital Sunset 3D Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper 1.0 -  Orbital Sunset 3D Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper is a fun, entertaining and interactive desktop screensaver and wallpaper.Orbital Sunset 3D Screensaver takes you to the borderline between light and shadow. ... (3/0) download
Light and Dark Sword 1.2 -  Defeat monsters by making full use of the sword of light and dark!New fantasy action game!Light and Dark Sword is is an action game in which you make full use of the sword of light and darkness to defeat looming monsters. The monsters have either ... ... (9/0) download
Features of Light and Darkness 1.00 -  Features of Light and Darkness demonstrates how the appearance of colors changes in different lighting conditions. In particular, it shows how the appearance of pigments changes depending on the light source that is shining on them, and it shows ... ... (5/0) download
IntoTheLight Guided Light and Nature Meditation 1.1 -  Into The Light combines art, light, and music into a relaxing and interactive meditation experience. The screen is filled with light particles that respond to your touch in dramatic ways. Use your fingers and touch to change shapes, guide dancing ... ... (3/0) download
LILAM - Life Is Light And Murk 1.0 -  Are you afraid of the dark?Immersed in a maze of darkness, you will need to seek out the exit: a bright light.Pass from light to light and do not stay too long in the darkness or you will burn out.In "LILAM - Life Is Light And Murk" you will have ... ... (2/0) download