Lingua Free 2.3

Lingua Free 2.3

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Lingua Free is a fun, addictive word game with beautifully rendered 3D graphics and stunning high-quality sounds. Lingua Free is FREE to play for as long as you want! Several different themes are included, each with distinct backgrounds, letters and unique sounds. Check out Lingua Free to experience fun and interesting gameplay for free!

The object is to create the goal word by moving letters on the board. Words can be created in any direction. In order to move a letter there must be a clear path. You can create other words to eliminate letters from the board in order to free up space and clear a path.

Each round becomes harder as one more letter is added to the goal word, up to a maximum of 8. Challenge yourself and see how many rounds you can survive!

Lingua Free is educational too! You can look up any words you find. Not sure what it means? Just look it up with the built-in interface!

Lingua Free is the fun casual game that will entertain and educate. Your progress is saved so it's perfect for when you just have a few minutes. But be warned, you might find yourself playing for hours :-)

Lingua Free is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Download Lingua Free now and get your game face on!
Changes: - Brand new Holidazed theme brings out the holiday spirit!
- Bug fixes

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