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SQLite Database Recovery 1
To perform swift and easy SQLite data recovery from corrupt SQLite database files, download SQLite Database Recovery software now. It supports database files created by both SQLite2 and SQLite3, and save data into SQLite and/or MDB database format.
Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0
Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac provides the complete essentials for an easy, fast and powerful way to run Windows on a Mac. Get Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac and make Windows programs run seamlessly, safer and more Mac-like with 50+ new features!
Odbc 4 All 2.3
Allows any application, including DOS apps and batch files, to easily run SQL queries using any ODBC data source, (Access, MySql, Oracle, Informix, ...) redirecting the output to the screen, an ascii file / table or a DBF table.

Logitech Unifying 2.00.43

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The Logitech Unifying receiver is a tiny wireless receiver that can stay plugged into your notebook’s USB port and lets you easily connect up to six compatible wireless mice and keyboards to the same receiver. There’s no need to unplug it when you move around, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.If you already have a Unifying receiver and would like to connect additional compatible devices to it you will need this easy-to-use software. Get Logitech Unifying and give ti a try to see what it's all about!

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Logitech Unifying Software 2.0 -  Logitech Unifying Software is the control center of the Unifying receiver. Logitech is one of the companies speciaizing in various products for computers. They manufacture keyboards and mice. Nowadays, many companies are developing wireless devices. ... (2/0) download
Logitech GamePanel Software for Mac OS 3.01.361 -  This software for the Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard gives you game-changing control. ... (1/0) download
Connection Utility for Logitech Cordless 2.4 GHz Presenter 1.0 -  You only need the Connection Utility for Logitech Cordless 2.4 GHz Presenter if the Presenter loses connection.With the help of the Connection Utility for Logitech Cordless 2. ... (9/0) download
Logitech io2 Software 4.10 -  Logitech io2 Software enhances the recognition of your handwriting by using dictionaries and address books installed on your computer. It also includes ioTag functionality. ... (3/0) download
Logitech Z-series Software 1.04.153 -  Logitech designs and manufactures personal interface products that enable you to effectively work, play, and communicate in the digital world. ... (3/0) download
Logitech H800 1.00.034 -  Headset Pairing Utility is a useful application that was designed in order to provide you a simple means of connecting the Logitech Wireless Headset H800. ... (4/0) download
Logitech Connection Utility 1.00.23 -  Logitech Connection Utility is a useful application that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of connecting wireless keyboards or mice. ... (9/0) download
Logitech Presenter Connection Software 1.0 -  Logitech Presenter Connection Software is only necessary if your presenter has lost connection to its receiver or if you have a replacement receiver. The software doesn't change the functionality of your presenter in any way. ... (2/0) download
Logitech Media Server 7.7.1 R33750 -  With Logitech Media Server software, you will be able to listen to your personal music collection on a Squeezebox right in your own home.It doesn't matter if your library includes 100 tracks or 100,000. ... (4/0) download
Logitech Drivers Update Utility 3.5 -  Logitech Drivers Update Utility updates your system drivers for Logitech devices automatically with just several clicks. It will scan your system first then download and install Logitech official drivers to let your Logitech device work properly. ... (5/0) download