Lookie Loo 1.0

Lookie Loo 1.0

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Looking for a new home can be overwhelming. Which house had the fruit trees in the back yard? Which house had the large walk in closet? Which house had the big kitchen? Which house had the pool? Which house had the 3 car garage?

Finally there is an app that helps you keep all of those homes and rooms straight.

Lookie Loo organizes the homes you visit so you can review and share them later. Take a picture of the house and simply enter the property details. As you tour the home, take pictures of any of the rooms and features you would like to remember and compare later.

Later you can review the home and the rooms that you like.

Lookie Loo also allows you to connect with your social circles quickly. You can email houses you like directly to your agent or your friends from the app. Do you use Twitter? Connect instantly by sending tweets about your dream home from inside the app.

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