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SQL EasyDoc 1.6
Document your SQL databases easily and automatically with SQL EasyDoc. SQL Documentation can be done in DocX, HTML, PDF, CHM and fully customized and white labeled - exactly fitting your needs.
DB Elephant Interbase Converter 1.4
Interbase Converter will lighten your work with databases. Using it you can easily convert tables to data formats (xml, dbf and txt) and sql. In few steps you will create reports in xls, doc, html, pdf. Try it now for free to know all the benefits
Advanced RSS Mixer Premier 3.7.69
Combines different free RSS feeds (news, press releases and articles) into one. Advanced RSS Mixer can automatically download new RSS feeds, merge them together and upload it to your server - all without your intervention.

LRSTAR Parser Generator 3.0

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LRSTAR Parser Generator is a handy, easy to use, command line based LALR parser generator that generates very-fast parsers in C/C++, 2 times the speed of YACC parsers. It comes with the DFAC lexer generator and compiler front-end source code in C/C++. It reads TBNF grammar notation, which is very powerful for defining compiler front-ends. LRSTAR creates compressed matrix parser tables for high-performance parsing (500,000 lines per second or more). It creates parsers that build a symbol table and abstract-syntax tree (AST) automatically. LRSTAR is capable of building parsers from grammars that have 70,000 rules or more.

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