Male Personality Type 1.0

Male Personality Type 1.0

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Learn about your own Personality Type

Learn what kind of person you are and how that affects your dating potential. The personality quiz is designed to be taken light-heartedly and in the spirit of fun! Enjoy!

In her best-selling book Dial-A-Personality Entre Nous' principal, Rosalind Baker (nee Neville), identifies the 7 main personality types which define the kind of person we are. She also discusses the impact our personality types have on our dating potential and personal lives.

By completing the questionnaire in the app you will learn more about your predominant personality type and what personality type single women are best suited to your personality type for a successful relationship!

Entre Nous' one-on-one dating service uses the tools outlined in Rosalind Bakers books Dial-A-Women, Dial-A-Man and Dial-A-Personality.

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