Mantis NKJV Bible Study 4.9.18

Mantis NKJV Bible Study 4.9.18

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Requires iPhone OS3.0 or above.

Mantis Bible Study: NKJV Edition (New King James Version)

Includes the full text of the NKJV Bible, translation notes, plug the full KJV text.

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Mantis Bible Study is the most advanced Bible Study Tool available for any mobile platform. A long list of unique features make Mantis Bible Study stand out as the premier tool for accessing the Bible on the iPhone:

Flexible content:
Comes with the full King James text
Works offline -- no network connection is necessary for reading and studying [Note: A network connection is required in order to load new resources purchased from our web site or to optionally backup and restore your data.]
Additional Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals and other books can be purchased and installed immediately. Check for available titles

Great navigation options:

Quick History
Quick-reference chapter and section headers
Grid Mode
Tap the book name to navigate books
Tap the chapter number to navigate chapters
Tap-and-drag corners for quick access to volumes, books, chapters, and verses
Shake to close all open items
Auto-scroll the text for easy reading
Email any verse along with your personal notes

Fantastic study tools:

Build Your Own Study Bible (see for details and an instructional video)
Easily create bookmarks, notes, and highlights
Inline Note Editor
Live Scripture References inside personal notes
Create, edit, and move bookmarks and bookmark folders
Unique "Analyze Verse" feature
Fast and flexible, yet simple search system
Save search results as a named folder full of bookmarks
Personal notes and translation notes appear inline with the text and can be toggled on and off
Highlighting Bar allows highlighting of individual words and phrases in 4 colors
Inline verse-display toggle links for all cross-reference links
Jump directly to Biblical text from cross references inside commentary, dictionary, devotional, or other books
Fantastic support for Bibles with integrated Strong's Numbers - tap a number to open a definition, tap it again to close it [Note: Strong's Number Support is only active for Bibles containing Strongs Numbers - which are sold separately]
Additional support for Strong's Numbers: drill-down to root word(s), tap to find where a number is used throughout Scripture, then tap and preview verses, integrated support for Brown-Driver-Briggs', Thayer's Greek Definitions, and other Strongs-based resources [Stongs-based resources are sold separately]

Plus much, much more!
Changes: Bug fixes

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