Mars Screensaver 1.0

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Mars Screensaver is a very special screensaver that is quite different from the other screensavers because it shows the three dimensional view of the most talked after planet after the Earth, The red planet Mars. This software was developed from the MOLA Mission Experiment Gridded Data Records to watch the true and three dimensional demonstration of Mars. Mars Screensaver is just the screensaver version of that application. But this fact simply enhances the beauty and properties of the screensaver. Apart from giving a splendid view of the red planet in all the dimensions automatically, it also allows the user interaction. Users can rotate the planet on any axis and angle by pressing the left mouse button and dragging in the desired direction. Users can also zoom in and out of the plant by clicking both the left and right mouse buttons together and dragging. This screensaver is compatible with almost all versions of windows operating system such as 98,me,2000,XP having DirectX 8.0 or higher. It also requires Direct3D compatible 3D accelerated card with at least 32M video memory.

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