Math Ref Free 2.5.4

Math Ref Free 2.5.4

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Math Ref Free is a free version of the award winning education app Math Ref. This app gives you just a sample (over 700) of the over 1,400 helpful formulas, figures, tips, and examples that are included in the full version of Math Ref. So, if you're a student, teacher, or need math for work and want to try before you buy, this app is for you.

"Math Ref is just an awesomely useful app for students, teacher, and anyone else who works with math and needs to do a lot of calculations." -

2012 Best App Ever
    ★ 1st Place Best College Student App
    ★ 2nd Place Best High School Student App
    ★ 2nd Place Best Middle School Student App
iTunes Education "What's Hot" (January 2012)
2011 Best App Ever
    ★ 2nd Place Best Young Adults App
    ★ 3rd Place Best High School Student App
    ★ Nominee Best Middle School Student App
    ★ Nominee Best College Student App
Featured in Apps for Learning Math (April 2011)
2010 Best App Ever
    ★ Nominee Reference App
2009 Best App Ever
    ★ Nominee Reference App
Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies
Incredible iPhone Apps For Dummies
iTunes "What's Hot" (October 2009)
Essential App - FindmySoft


✓ New Tools - Ranging from Algebra to Physics
✓ Search - Easily find what you're looking for
✓ Print Support - Print equations or groups
✓ Editable Notes - Write what will help you best
✓ Zoomable Equations
✓ App Orientation Locking
✓ UI - An all around better UI

Current Main Categories:

- Algebra
- Geometry
- Trigonometry
- Series & Sequences
- Derivatives
- Integration
- Intro Probability and Statistics
- Intro Physics
- Intro Algorithms
- Intro Financial (includes Real Estate)
- Greek Alphabet
- Prime Numbers

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Changes: Added sharing
    iOS 6+ users can now share single formulas to Twitter and other services

Updated printing
    New progress bar
    Fixed crash when printing some lists

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