Max Astro: Stranded Beyond the Stars 1.1

Max Astro: Stranded Beyond the Stars 1.1

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Max is stranded beyond the stars and needs your help to find his way home. You'll enjoy action packed, mind bending puzzles. You'll thrill at the defeat of evil aliens. You'll glow with pride at Max's rescue... if you have what it takes to beat the challenge!

Use the laser to blast the falling aliens and transform the landscape to build your path home. Defeated aliens pile up to fill gaps and build towers that Max can traverse, but beware! - Max's jet pack uses up his oxygen supply! Will you settle for simply surviving the challenge or man up and strive for every bonus, build the highest towers and extract every possible point from each level?


+ Challenging puzzles
Guide Max through the levels, past the hazards, collecting the bonuses before his oxygen runs out.

+ Extra Max
Additional levels are available to purchase in-game.

+ Tower building gameplay
Shooting aliens makes them fall. Pile them up into towers and then squish them for big points.

+ Beautiful alien worlds
Traverse multiple mysterious landscapes, beautiful and bizarre.

+ An original musical score
An evocative, haunting soundtrack will accompany you on your journey.

+ Survival Mode
When rescuing Max is just too tough, try the survival mode instead!

+ OpenFeint scoring and achievements
Beat your friends to the highest scores or even achieve notoriety across the globe!
Changes: Removed OpenFeint.
Small bug fixes.

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