Mayan Temple Curse HD 1.2

Mayan Temple Curse HD 1.2

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License: Freeware
Size: 44.7 MB
Date added: 2014-04-18
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Featured in 'What's Hot'!

The Ultimate Mayan Puzzle Game To Save The World From Apocalypse!

"Are you brave enough to enter the Temple, solve the puzzles and break the ancient curse to stop the countdown to The End of The World?"


Whilst exploring the jungle on their family vacation, intrepid adventurers Jamie, his sister Jade, and their fun loving dog Max stumble upon the lost Temple of Azuralin!

According to legend: locked inside the temple are the famous 'Temple Blocks' : colorful, magical stones that when all collected and inserted into the 'Magic Wall', allow the Temple of Azuralin to magically return to its former beautiful glory and stop the destructive countdown to the end of the world!

But these magic Temple Blocks were all locked inside the temple's deep dark tombs by an evil Mayan Priest thousands of years ago as he cast an ancient spell over the beautiful temple, leaving it hidden and lost forever under deep jungle foliage, his evil plan set in place to stop anyone ever seeing the beautiful temple again or stopping the countdown to the apocalypse by freeing the mystical Temple Blocks.

Jamie, Jade & Max love solving mysteries and love solving puzzles even more!

Can you help them uncover, free and collect all the Temple Blocks and save mankind? Before their parents call them back to the campsite for lunch?

But beware, they are not the only adventurers searching the ruins for the magical Temple Blocks!


- Simple block sliding movement challenging you to solve the cryptic puzzles in each room and free The Temple Blocks
- 3 exciting game modes:
- Temple Blocks Mode: Solve cryptic puzzles in the hidden tombs to free each magical Temple Block - collect all 30 and the Magical Final Block!
- Adventure Mode: Choose your adventurer and help them escape the tombs, swamps, caves and more...
- Classic Mode: Choose your block colors for this VERY challenging puzzle mode.
- Play as 16 different characters!
- Game Center, Leaderboards and Achievements to compete with your friends
- Challenging AND Fun at the same time, solve just one more room for real addictive satisfaction!
Changes: Thanks for being a fan of Mayan Temple Curse! - We really appreciate it! Can you free all 30 sacred Temple Blocks?

Here's a few more bug fixes.

- Minor display fix
- extra bug fix

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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