MediTrends 1.2

MediTrends 1.2

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MediTrends is a State of the Art Mobile Application that stores you and your children's Medical History and keeps it just a fingertip away! Most importantly, through the use of a patent pending concept, MediTrends can potentially identify a health risk before it occurs! MediTrends stores, tracks and trends critical health/lifestyle parameters such as blood and urine tests, weight, diet habits, medications, allergies, and generates color coded graphs. These graphs form the "State of Health" of an individual which differentiates MediTrends from All Other Health Care Apps!

DigiMed, LLC was formed in December 2010 to provide health related software application solutions. DigiMed's Phase I objective was to produce a historical, medical, downloadable software application (App) called MediTrends to be used on iPhones and iPads. This application focuses on proactive healthcare for individuals.

The basis of our application was to provide an inclusive App that contained you and your children's Medical History, plus a feature that sets us apart from all other healthcare Apps; an automated "State of Health" (SOH) for an individual. "State of Health" is a Satellite term, which compares the condition of a satellite during test or while on-orbit to the ideal condition of that satellite based on its requirements. The two DigiMed founders have spent over 60 combined years in this field. We have participated in the design, development, production and on-orbit maintenance of over $1 Billion in US Satellites that have been circulating the earth since the 1980's. The SOH oversight is critical to ensure launch credibility and, when on-orbit, identify potential failures to Ground Operations before they occur. This feature enables Operations to take proactive measures to correct a potential failure before it occurs and continue the successful operation of that satellite.

The founders began to ask the question "Why shouldnt we apply this same, simple philosophy to an individual's healthcare?" The answer was the formation of DigiMed, LLC.

In addition to MediTrends storing, tracking, trending and graphing critical health/lifestyle parameters via patent pending algorithms that generate your SOH, MediTrends contains all your pertinent Personal Information, as well as your Physicians, Hospitals, Pharmacy(s), Medications, Insurance, Medical Issues, Recent Tests, Blood Pressure, Allergies, Immunizations, Reminders and more! All information is password protected. Your Lab Results will generate color coded graphs that form the basis for your "State of Health" and can potentially identify a health risk before it occurs! This unique concept is what differentiates MediTrends from All Other Health Care Apps. An Emergency Icon on the front of the MediTrends App allows trained medical officials to view your emergency information without even logging in should an adverse event ever occur in your life. Having all this information at your fingertips may one day save your life!

Healthcare today is expensive and healthcare providers typically react only after a patient has developed a problem. Blood and urine tests are ordered after the occurrence of a problem to confirm the diagnosis. MediTrends will soon be able to download your lab data directly from the lab. Doctors are too busy to track patients' health statistics in order to identify a projected health issue(s). MediTrends promotes regularly scheduled Lab Testing to improve a Users statistical health database. MediTrends empowers patients to track their own health and work with their Physicians to help keep them healthy rather than just treat a malady after it has occurred.

We Have Spent The First Half of Our Career Securing The Nations Safety Through The Use of Satellites, Now It Is Time To Turn Our Attention To The Health of Our Nation and the World!

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Changes: Upgraded Human Interface which provides smoother operations for the user