MiZoo HD 1.1

MiZoo HD 1.1

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Welcome to MiZoo HD !!
- Featured by Apple in Family/Puzzle 'Whats HOT' ?

People have raved about MiZoo on the iPhone, and now the best just got better MiZoo has arrived in HD for the iPad and it has evolved the Match 3 games game format !! No longer are match games limited to a simple 8x8 grid of characters. MiZoo has upped the game to an awesome 16x16 grid.

check out the video of gameplay on youtube

MiZoo HD has 2 different game modes both running at a rock solid 60 Frames per second, both OpenFeint Enabled.

In "Score Attack" the objective is simple, swipe an animal towards another animal to swap places with it, in order to make lines of 3 or more of the same animal. Only those moves that make a line are valid. However, to achieve big high scores, make multiple combinations of moves in quick succession before the new animals drop into place to achieve combo bonus scores, and special 'sparkly' animals that eliminate 9 animals when used in a line.

Clear a level by matching the required number of each animal type, that increases each level that you clear.

Make lines of 4 or more to increase the stampede gauge, to eventually be rewarded with a sparkly animal per column for big score rewards.

Ensure you clear a level before daylight runs out though, or face completing a level under the power of torchlight only ! However, scores in the dark are doubled, so play under the cover of darkness to get mega high scores.

In this 'Blitz' style gameplay against the clock for 99.99 seconds, it's back to Match 3 for the awesome mayhem of playing Match 3 on a 16x16 grid. Thanks to MiZoo's amazing game engine that allows you to make moves whilst your previous moves are still taking effect, you interact with an almost constantly flowing board of animals as you battle to reach amazing 'combo' bonus' and stampede bonus' levels.

Couple these game modes with OpenFeint HighScore integration to battle your friends for the highest score, a save game feature that allows you to resume (in Score Attack) from the same millisecond you quit the game, and the most fluid gameplay of any Matching game that has built up a huge fanbase and you get the greatest matching game on the iPad ever !

MiZoo has just changed everything
Changes: * Score attack mode has been reworked thanks to feedback from existing players
* Added Social networking support through OpenFeint (Facebook etc)
* Now you can customize the graphics to your own design in Stampede Mode
* Made the Timer more

Mosquitoes Killer matched in SoftList
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