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eLMS Pro MAR.2011
Complete software package includes everything you need to launch successful e-learning company. It allows building and offering learning material, importing SCORM compliant courses, self-planning learning activities, tracking online.
Wondershare QuizCreator 4.0.0
Wondershare QuizCreator is a professional and powerful quiz and survey maker that enables educators, trainers, researchers and more to create Flash-based quizzes, tests, surveys and assessments, with no programming skills required.
Wondershare QuizCreator 3.2.3
QuizCreator is a robust quiz maker designed for making highly customized Flash quizzes for corporate training and online education.The quizzes can be published to Flash, SCORM, or a free quiz management system Wondershare provides.

MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary Builder - Learning with my mobile 2016-434

MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary Builder - Learning with my mobile 2016-434

(512k): 39 s
(1Mb): 20 s
(2Mb): 10 s
(5Mb): 04 s
(10Mb): 02 s

Your trainer for easily learning new words or flashcards. Choose between studying short-time for an examination or store facts permanently into your long-term memory. You can fully concentrate on studying. No inputs are necessary before you start memorizing new words. This restricted input option is optimal for the small displays of smartphones.

:: How it works ::
Learning consists for the most part of memorizing facts. The facts must be repeated regularly. For an effective repetition flashcards have been used for a long time. Flashcards as a vocabulary trainer are known for learning different languages. The principle, however, isn't limited to vocabulary and new words. You can effectively train e.g. historical dates, names of people, financial figures etc. with index cards.

The facts are written down on cards in the form of a question on one side and answer text on the other side. Categorizing the flashcards in several compartments within a box you repeat the facts so often until you memorize them.

In the TeachingMachine questions and answers are exchangeable so that you can check your learning progress in two directions. You can question e.g. a vocabulary as well in the mother tongue as in the foreign language. Your learning progress is stored in both directions. The reversal of question and answer supports your learning process.

:: Futher Benefits ::
-Your mobile phone guarantees studying at any time and at any place and without internet connection.
-You can divide the facts to be learned into several lessons and subjects.
-You repeat facts, which you can remember only with difficulties, more often. On the other hand, facts your already know are queried considerably less. Due to an optimized strategy your studying time is minimized.
-Build up your personal knowledge archive at the same time.
-The CSV-format (Excel) is used for the import and export of word lists.
-Dictionaries and flashcards are also offered in the CSV-format free of charge on the Internet.

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