Moto Racer - 15th Anniversary 3.0.2

Moto Racer - 15th Anniversary 3.0.2

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*** Moto Racer is back with a new update! ***

For optimal performance we recommend you restart your device and close other applications before playing.

MOTO GP Hit speeds of over 300km/h as you race flat out against the toughest of rivals!
SUPERCROSS Go head-to-head with your rivals in all-terrain races and tease them with your fanciest tricks.
FREESTYLE Pull off amazing Superman Seat Grabs, Indy Backflips and Can Cans as you fly through the air.

CHAMPIONSHIP - Win the first place in 3 difficulty modes.
SINGLE RACE Challenge the racing drivers at any time in a single race.
TIME ATTACK - Establish the best records.

2 types of controls (Accelerometer, Touch controls)
4 Cameras (Near, Far, Gyroscopic camera, Cockpit)
3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Expert, Confirmed)
3 game modes: Championship, Single Race, Records
Assisted braking available
Graphic settings

What's New in this Version 3.0

Concentrate on the race and check essential information with just a glance
Keep an eye on your opponents at all times, whether they are in front or behind, thanks to the new position indicators
New, easier-to-read GPS for better anticipation of bends

Automatic acceleration mode so you can concentrate on steering like a pro.
New, even more realistic motocross behavior!
New piloting settings for immediate gyroscope control

8 opponents instead of 3
More competitive and even more realistic behavior modeled on real-life racers

Fewer hairpin bends, more straight lines, and wide curves to take at full speed!
Added visual elements as you approach bends for natural learning of GP circuits
New more detailed and more realistic motocross circuit

Starting a race has never been quicker or easier!

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Changes: Removes crashing experienced by some iPhone 4/4S, iPod 5 & iPad Mini players

** For optimal performance we recommend you restart your device and close other applications before playing. **

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