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MotorNotes Site

MotorNotes Site

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The MotorNotes software provides an overview of all your vehicles plus one-touch access to vehicle details, fuel, mileage, service, and other information. With MotorNotes you don't have to waste anymore time to search through piles of receipts. MotorNotes puts all the information you need at your fingertips for any vehicle: commuter, work truck, RV, track car, or motorcycle. Whether you're a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, a fleet manager, business owner, or have a single vehicle and have the dealer do all the maintenance - MotorNotes is for you.

MotorNotesOao is available in three editions: Standard, Network, and Site. The functionality of the three editions is virtually identical with the primary difference being the location of the installation and the number of supported users

TE Configurable mileage categories let you track milage in whatever way is important to you. The flexible mileage module allows you to track mileage daily, weekly, monthly, or only when needed.

TE Configurable service categories allow for as much, or as little, detail as you need. Example 1 shows dealer service approximately every 3750 miles.

TE The fuel module provides totals and averages of all fuel-related statistics.
TE The service and fuel modules track financial amounts to help budget, support tax or expense claims, or determine when it's time to replace an older vehicle. For you vintage Italian sports car owners, however, tracking service expense may prove hazardous to your blood pressure, so using this part of the software is optional.

TE MotorNotes also includes a powerful reporting engine for research or sharing. With the reports you can provide a full service history to a prospective buyer, mileage and expense information to the Feds, research service across multiple vehicles (how many of your cars have had the power streering pump replaced?) and much more.
TE Reports provide summary and detail level information regarding fuel, mileage, service, other, vendors, or a complete vehicle history.
Release notes: New Release<br/>TE Provides Report enhancements
TE Track Fuel by Driver
TE 2013 IRS mileage rates
TE Other minor improvements <br/> [ MotorNotes Site full changelog ]

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