Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver 1.0

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What is more relaxing and at the same time energizing than a waterfall? I think they are a view that is difficult to compete with. Would you like to visit a waterfall somewhere in the mountains? Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver brings a waterfall to your desktop. This very relaxing screensaver will allow you to visit a place high on the mountains, where you will definitely forget about all your daily troubles. You will be on the shore of a crystal clear lake. Around you, nobody! The only thing you hear is the sound of birds and the wind. At the distance, you start listening to the roaring sound of water falling on rocks. You turn around and see it in all its magnificence: the waterfall. Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver includes all the sounds mentioned before, although the waterfall is the one that you can hear louder. In fact, in my opinion, it was a bit too loud, but pretty realistic. The images are not that great either, and the camera circles around the lake the whole time. However, you will surely relax with this screensaver. That’s for sure. It might even become one of your favorite relaxing aids.

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