Moving Portraits 2.0

Moving Portraits 2.0

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Moving Portraits: Moving Portraits is everything you love about viewing, editing, and sharing memories but with more than just a still image. You can quickly create and share your moving memories. With Real-Time professional quality visual FX. Create a beautiful gallery to share with your family and friends.


FaceBook: Upload your Moving Portraits from your photo library!

Text: Text your Moving Portraits from your photo library!

With a tap and a swipe, put your friends and family in golden picture frames, wanted posters, cover of a magazine and more! Build a gallery of moving memories.

Now you can see
* Your boyfriend or girlfriend smiling!
* Your child's first baby steps!
* Your wife blowing you a kiss!

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Changes: We've redesigned Moving Portraits! Totally brand new look and feel with an all new Art Gallery! New app icon, startup screen, new themes and a much improved user interface.

- Importing is here! take your previously shot videos and make Moving P

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