Mr.AahH!! 1.2.0

Mr.AahH!! 1.2.0

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(10Mb): 06 s

Enjoy one of the best addicting jump game!

5million downloads and thank you all for your support!

With a very simple control, enjoy this action game which gives you outstanding exhilaration.

Tap in a timely manner and land on the next cliff!!
Be careful not to shout out too loud when you fail to land.
Now, let's let out your "AAaahhHH!!!"

There are some factors which influence your jump, Wind and gravity.
Can you deal with it?


-Ranked 3rd in App store USA, 1st in that of Japan.

-The simple game control is very poplar all over the world!

**App store user reviews

This game is justcool. very good presentation, perfect controls, great music and sound effects.
After a little while, you start to realize beauty of it.

A really awesome game at a great price! One of the best app in App store.

The best song to play when playing it is-Last resort by Papa Roach.

I usually download utility apps and not games. But I loved this game instantly and constantly find myself playing it, get it!

There's only one problem with this game! It makes my phones dies all the time! Why? Because I can't put this game down!

Great time water.

**Media reviews

The deliciously simple game play has kept me coming back for more (Touch Arcade)

It'll keep you busy for a while, and its one of those games what will get you addicted.
If this is your type of game, check it out!(Marks iPod Touch)

The graphics are cartoony and fun, yet simple enough to not draw your focus away from the objective.
The gameplay is addictive What more could you ask for?(The iPhone App Review)

**[How to Play]

1.Tap the screen to jump!
2.Get a high score, "JUST", by landing on the center of cliffs!
3.Get a much higher score by scoring "JUST" consecutively!
4.Be number one in the global high score ranking!

*Set "Accelerometer" to "ON" in "Option",
then you can fine-tune the movement of "Mr.AahH!!" in the air
by slightly tilting iPhone.

-You have 3 lives.
-Stages continue to "Z-5"
-Anybody, Everybody can simply enjoy heated actions.
-Global online leaderboard.
-Today's Rankings are playable everyday.
-Using acceleration sensor refines movement of "Mr.AahH!!" in the air by slightly tilting iPhone.
-You can listen to iPod while playing.
Changes: -Game Center support.
-Added ability to display information about the New Games.

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