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AWinstall 4.6
AWinstall is a professional, efficient and easy-to-use setup builder for creating compact and intelligent setups for your Win32 and .NET applications. A modern user interface, help and wizards allow you to create professional setups in minutes.
Quick PocketSetup 1.0.2009.5
Creates professional Setups for Pocket PC: multilingual installations, shortcuts, file associations, standard license texts, detailed documentation for each project, secure test mode, clean CAB-files; Pro-Version with redistributables eg. NET CF.
Astrum InstallWizard 2.29.00
Astrum InstallWizard is a versatile utility for creating installation programs. AIW has a host of advanced features normally found only in the most expensive tools. Although AIW is feature packed, the user interface is still intuitive and easy to use

Multi Install 2.4.5

Multi Install 2.4.5

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(512k): 01 m 06 s
(1Mb): 33 s
(2Mb): 17 s
(5Mb): 07 s
(10Mb): 04 s

Multi Install is an advanced cd/dvd menu authoring system for your own creations.
A "Multi Installer" is an install program that can install multiple programs from the same menu.

Multi Install is Free Software so you may run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

Multi Install consists of an Editor and two installers:

* Multi Install Skinnable - neat look by using skins. See screen shots at the Skins page.
* Multi Install Classic - simple, quick and functional. Screen shots.


* Build-in ZIP, RAR, and ACE support (unknown extensions will launch the associated program)
* Support for self-extracting exe files
* Language support for: English, French, Russian, Dutch, Polish, and Danish
* Install progress: Current file, all files, elapsed time, and estimated time left
* Automatic creation of short cuts in the Start Menu and on the desktop
* Uninstall (shortcuts and files)
* Association of a screen shot, html file, or any other file type
* Skinnable version you can apply your own skin to
* Editor with context sensitive help (press F1 in any field)
* NFO viewer
* Encryption
* Unpacking of password protected files
* Music player in Multi Install Skinnable. Formats supported: mp3, ogg, wav, mod, mo3, xm, s3m, mtm, it
* Program search

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