Nail Diseases 1.0

Nail Diseases 1.0

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Nail Diseases : In the next encyclopedia you will find information how many disorders can affect the nails. These disorders can affect any portion of the nail and may affect the appearance of the surface of the nail itself. Several diseases can affect the nails, including malformations, infections of the nails, paronychia and ingrown toenails (Ingrown toenail). The nail changes may occur in many systemic conditions or genetic.

This encyclopedic of Nail diseases: digital studio can be used for university, college, or within the family and extend our knowledge.
-You can learn and study in the Encyclopedia topics like: Treatments
Podiatry, Athlete's foot, Methotrexate, Fingernail growth world record holders, Occupational hazards associated with exposure to human nail dust
Hangnail, Callus etc, and much more ...

The topics covered by this fabulous Encyclopedia are:
Nails, Nail diseases, composition of nail

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System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPad.
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