Nancy Drew - Secret of the Old Clock 32.0

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Nancy Drew - Secret of the Old Clock is a game of logic and deduction based on the first book published about this character. You will control Nancy Drew, who visits Emily Crandall at her request. Her mother died, leaving her to run a small hotel with only the help of a guardian that Emily has never met before. There is also a neighbor that promised her and her mother to leave them his fortune in his testament, but all his belongings were left to an obscure friend of him. There are some strange things here, no doubt about it. In addition, you must discover the truth before the day ends. To do so, you must talk to people, find and examine objects, go to several locations, use objects, and solve logical puzzles. You will even have to play some mini games. You will find some clues scattered around the different scenarios. In order to talk to people, the game will give you two different texts to pick from when addressing a character. You will get different answers, according to your choice. In brief, "Nancy Drew - Secret of the Old Clock" is a puzzle game that will keep you amused for hours. Some dialogs can be too long, but pay attention, because they contain important clues that you can use to solve the mystery.

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