National Anthems in C 1.1

National Anthems in C 1.1

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"National anthems in C" is a piano learning tool that makes use of visual aids to help learners learn to play songs in an easy way. It comes with a virtual piano and color coded scores. Keys will light up guiding learners to press the correct keys. Simply by matching colors or following the lighted keys, learners can play any national anthem they like!

The national anthems are rearranged in C major, which makes it easy for beginners to learn. It is educational, attractive, easy to use, and excellent for self learning!

Suitable for beginners and anyone who likes playing piano but cant read music.

-Play any song simply by matching colors
-Keys will light up guiding learners the correct keys
-Adjust the speed of the play to your preference
-Practice at any point you wish
-Touch on any note to identify the key
-Test note by note to see if you are hitting them correctly

-Include scores of 16 national anthems:
USA - The Star Spangled Banner
China - March of the Volunteers
Italy - Inno Di Mameli
Japan- Kimigayo
England - God Save the Queen
Mexico - Himno Nacional Mexicano
Australia - Advance Australia Fair
Canada - O Canada
Argentina - Himno Nacional Argentino
Germany - Deutschlandlied
The Netherlands - Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
France - La Marseillaise
Brazil - Hino Nacional Brasileiro
South Korea - Aegukga
Spain - Marcha Real
Russia - National Anthem of Russia

And more national anthems will be added in the future update!
Changes: + 4 more National Anthems have been added to the album:
- Denmark - Der er et yndigt land
- Sweden - Du gamla, Du fria
- New Zealand - God Defend New Zealand
- Poland - Mazurek Dbrowskiego
And more will be added in the fut

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