Nautilus 3D Screensaver 1.2

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Did you enjoy reading Jules Verne's '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'? Do you like adventures at sea and under it? Then take Captain Nemo´s seat and pilot your way through the enigmatic oceans and its inhabitants in the amazing Nautilus 3D Screensaver! Get in the mysterious underwater world and delight yourself with the views of sunken ships, underwater castles and treasures. This awesome submarine will let you go to the bottom of the ocean where nobody has gone before. As you navigate along the dark cold sea floor, you will begin to notice strange shapes of underwater buildings and ruins while wondering how those sunken ships, probably containing valuable treasures, got there. Did they sink because of a sudden sea storm? Were they sunk by ravaging pirates of old times? The answer lies there for someone to discover, but most probably we will never know the real reason for sure! If you liked reading the book, you will surely enjoy watching this underwater journey into the mystery of the depth, and will hardly desire to go back to the surface again, wishing to see how the adventure ends! This screensaver is shareware, and after registration, you will get rid of the nag screen, receive free technical support via e-mail, and also get free upgrades to newer versions. So if you feel like having an underwater adventure to get away from your daily routine, install the Nautilus 3D Screensaver and visit this mysterious world of strange artifacts and inhabitants!

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