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Fresh Flash Catalog
Fresh Catalog is an digital publishing software. Create digital Brochures or eBrochures, eBooks, multi media presentations, photo album sand eCards,create quizzes, exams, tests, forms, and surveys. Full Flash support. Export and import Flash swf.
Selteco Alligator Flash Designer
Animate images, texts or shapes and add sounds to the Flash movie. Use more than 130 predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom, Rotate. Import GIF, JPEG and SWF files. Preview animation in a built-in browser. Export HTML code with Flash animation.
Swift Optimizer 3.0
Swift Optimizer is the most powerful tool to compress flash movies in windows system. It can compress flash movie up to 70%. It will highly increase both site traffic and profits. ... Professional Feedback Form 1 ... Professional Feedback Form 1

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NEA.CREATIVE.FEEDBACK Many examples included in the package EXCLUSIVELY ON CODEGRAPE! Features:* Professional Feedback Form* Many examples included the package* Easy to integrate * Left or Right of the Page* Star Rating* Background Image / Color* Texts / Colors can be changed* Search Engine Friendly* Add more input fields* Content can be freely defined * and many many more options! See online examples by clicking on the preview image above.

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Writing Outliner Word Add-in 1.5 -  Writing Outliner is a seamlessly integrated add-in software for Microsoft Word, mostly for creative and professional writers. The most important concept of Writing Outliner is project-based writing. ... (2/0) download
Acoolsoft PPT to DVD (Beta) 2.0.0 -  Acoolsoft PPT to DVD is a creative and professional PowerPoint to DVD conversion tool which empowers you to easily burn PowerPoint to DVD with transitions, animations, sounds and movies retained. ... (27/0) download
TC Beaches 1.0 -  This app is in beta, please send all feedback to feedback@flightpathcreative.comTC Beaches a Northern Michigan travel guideThe Traverse City area ranks at the top of the list for everything from dining and drinking to site-seeing and active ... ... (2/0) download
P&H Books 2.60 -  The app for ebooks published by The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd in three series. Creative Writing Studies covers studying, teaching and researching creative writing.Professional and Higher Education covers teaching, learning and ... ... (9/0) download
SimCad v4.0 -  SimCad is a general-purpose "process simulation&quot\; tool. The program realistically simulates business processes and transactions, providing feedback in the form of animations and detailed statistical data. ... (101/0) download
Wondershare Ringtone Maker for Mac -  With converting virtually any audio/video format, Fade in/out Effect, Flexible Ringtone Management, as well as Professional Wave-form Adjustment, Wondershare Ringtone Maker for Mac will help you take back control of your iPhone Ringtone. ... (11/0) download
eZee iFeedback - Online Feedback System -  eZee iFeedback is a Digital Feedback System for Hoteliers and Restaurants to build stronger customer community. Features: 1.Customizable Surveys, 2.Comment Section, 3.Reports & Analytics, 4.Multilingual Feedback, 5.Instant Alert by Email & SMS ... (16/0) download
Merlin InstantFeedback 2.4.43 -  Everyone knows how important feedback is on eBay, but it can also be a very time consuming task. Merlin InstantFeedback makes it easy. It sits in your system tray and quietly checks your feedback for you watching, for fellow eBayers to post for you. ... (2/0) download
RADvolution Designer - Professional 2005 -  Rapidly build applications without coding and with a high level of maintainability.Layout engine.Ever dreamed of a correct layout at once? Just by dropping controls? Without any layout panels? ... (3/0) download
QR Designer 1.60 -  With QR Designer, it is easy to make a form. QR is an alternative to the html web form. You can email a form or put it up on your web site, even with the simplest hosting plan. You see, a QR Form is a file and it does not need a server to work. ... (134/0) download