Network Computing 2.0

Network Computing 2.0

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Introducing the Network Computing app for iPad.

With this app, architecture decision-makers gain access to breaking news stories and exclusive commentary from Network Computings trusted editorial team. Network Computing has helped data center, storage and network professionals connect the dots between architectural approach and how technology impacts the business, applications, and network.

After you download the Network Computing app, you will receive FREE access to news, analysis and commentary on an array of key enterprise technologies: back-up and recovery, data center architecture and technologies, data protection, network and storage management, unified communications, virtualization, wan acceleration, and wireless networking. We will also keep you up-to-date on the latest reports available from Network Computing Pro.

The core benefits of this app are:
Speed Instant access to Network Computing content with the ability to navigate around quickly and easily
Portability Access Network Computing content anywhere, anytime
Optimized Format Network Computing content specifically optimized for viewing on a tablet
Interactivity The ability to connect content to others via Facebook, Twitter and email

The Network Computing app for iPad provides you with the most relevant and timely technology information in an easy-to-navigate application. Users will be able to access news and commentary from Network Computings staff of award winning and well known contributors Mike Fratto, Jim Rapoza, Steve Wexler, Robert Mullins, Howard Marks, Lee Badman, and Stephen Foskett.
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