New York Scenic Reflections 4.0

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New York is one of the most famous cities in the world and has been displayed in many movies. This screensaver brings a collection of photos of the Big Apple right to your desktop. Although the photos' quality varies, in general terms, they are quite good and show many representative spots of the city. Thus, you can see views from the New York Bay showing the now deceased Twin Towers, a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, and scenes of Wall Street. The transition effects between images are nice and varied, ranging from sliding up and down, to different geometrical shapes to nice zoom in and out effects. The program also has a nice music background. You can customize several of the program's options, such as the time each image stays in the desktop and the method for exiting the program (mouse movement or click, keyboard stroke or ESC key). You can also set the program to show/hide the clock and calendar. The installation wizard asks you to install the Scenic Reflextions toolbar and to make several changes to your browser's homepage and default search engine. It also asks you to install Babylon toolbar, such as Stopzilla antispyware. Nevertheless, you can decline to do so and still have the screensaver installed in your system.

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