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Software License Tracker Pro 2.9
Software License Tracker Pro is a flexible software license management system for Windows users.
IMM Conversion 6.05
Now users can easily get IMM Conversion to PST, MBOX and EML with the help of IncrediMail IMM Converter Tool. The Software would assist users to Convert IMM Emails to PST, MBOX and EML with accurate manner.
Super Prize Wheel 2.1.2
Retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows, parties and games are a perfect place to use a prize wheel. With the fun environment it brings to the event, it is a sure way to keep the atmosphere fun and exciting.

OfficeView - Group (32-bit) v2.47

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OfficeView - Group (32-bit) is a LAN-based employee In/Out Board that displays standard or customized remarks. In addition to knowing where your co-workers are, your receptionist can give well-informed responses to phone calls and alert you to the arrival of clients. It displays remarks beside employee names, such as, "In", "In but unavailable", "At medical appointment", etc. You can choose from a list of standard remarks or type your own temporary or long-term customized remarks. Group OfficeView (the larger size of OfficeView) displays the names in groups/organizations, and you can search for any name in the organization.When you turn on your computer, the in/out display board automatically indicates "In". You can choose the option to have the board indicate "Out&quot\; when you turn it off.The program also includes a messaging system that lets you send and receive messages. When a message is received, a single chime will notify you that a message is on your working screen (optional). There is also a screen that displays employee information such as telephone, fax, pager numbers, etc., and a notepad that displays lengthy, more detailed information.Group OfficeView comes in 300 and 1000 names sizes. The 300 names size handles 12 groups of 30 names and the 1000 names version handles 34 groups of 30 names.

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