Our Baby App Free 1.0

Our Baby App Free 1.0

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Our Baby: Newborn Development Calendar, Journal and Guide, Tips and Tracker for parents who need help with baby's development, vaccine, weight, bottle feeding, and breast feeding.

Time with your baby is precious. So dont waste any of it on time-consuming tracking apps. Our Baby App is free, simple, and easy to use.

Are you pregnant now? Are you and your partner expecting a baby soon? Are you excited? Anxious perhaps? Feeling overwhelmed already by your pregnancy? If you are, then heres an app that will put you ahead of the game, and keep you there!

This journal app is for modern parents who have their parenting priorities straight. If you get that time management is an issue for new parents, especially in the first few months, then you know already that youll be too busy to commit to a full service app. However, when you use Our Baby App to share news of your babys weight changes and other important health matters, and maybe even keep a short baby diary, then tracking life events won't ever come between you and your newborn.

Having a baby is a huge responsibility! Make no mistake - therell be lots of laughter, tears and joy and not just from your infant baby!

Emotional highs and lows, and living life through a hormonal haze are what having a a newborn is all about, and for you and your infant every day will be filled with many wonderful, life-affirming experiences.

The first two years of a baby's life are all about learning and significant events, and if youre like most parents youll want to keep track of every new experience and share it as soon as it happen with family and friends.

Babys first tooth! Her first crawl! His first immunization! What was his weight at four week? How long or tall was she at two months? The list will grow as baby grows. When you capture each and every one of your babys firsts with this app youre remembering moments that will never come again - and will never be lost either.

Get Our Baby App now! Be ready and start right at the very beginning of life to log in your journal and track on your calendar all your baby memories. Its quick and easy to do and before you know it, you will have created a long list of fabulous memories.

If you understand that your life is about to get a whole lot busier, download this app now and get into the habit of using it before baby arrives. Youll be glad you did!

Then, if and when baby number two comes along, you wont be confused about who did what, when, and how you felt about it. It will all be there for you and your child to look back on together in the years ahead.

This app is fun! Its a convenient way to effortlessly keep track of the big milestones, and the everyday little things that will make up your life with your infant. Record exactly what happens, share it with loved ones and keep track of how you feel about it - and even how you cope.

Check out these screenshots! Start using Our Baby App Free: Newborn Development, Calendar, Journal, Log & Tracker now!

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