OweSome! 1.2

OweSome! 1.2

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Love eating out with friends and moving in circles? But hate figuring out the damages involved? Stacking up the bills; remembering who ate what; collecting debts and loose change; not to mention, chasing serial debtors!

Owe$ome takes care of that, solving some of the worlds most loan-some troubles. Just create your bill and tag your friends to the individual food items. Once tagged, instant notifications will be sent out, letting your friends know exactly how much they owe you - with taxes calculated in. Simple, isnt it?

But heres where Owe$ome gets really fun to play with: When your friends conveniently forget to pay up, youll get to send them wacky reminders in the form of animated, interactive characters. God forbid, if youre a serial debtor yourself, a red devil will come knocking on your screen, splashing you RED and youll have to shake the devil off!

Beyond simplified, bill division just got socially Owe$ome!

Owe$ome features:
* ADD your bill and key in your food items plus total tax amount
* TAG your friends to the specific food items they had and let Owe$ome do the calculations for you!
* SEND instant notifications so your friends know exactly how much they owe you
* BUG your serial debtors to pay up using funny animated and interactive reminders
* CHECK your total amount owed/lent in your Status Timeline summary page
* KEEP your friends and avoid loan-some woes :)
* UPCOMING: SNAP your bill and tag your friends to it!
* PLUS: Easy payment via app and restaurant offers