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Password Organizer Deluxe 3.9
Password management software gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all your passwords, access codes, important numbers, login names, ids, account numbers.
Password Recovery Bundle 2012 Advanced
Password Recovery Bundle 2012 Advanced offers you the fastest and easiest password reset solutions which includes various password reset tools. It is an all-in-one password recovery tool designed to reset or recover passwords for more than 70 types.
my-iWallet 2.3
Biometrics is the use of finger, face, voice or iris recognition to identify a person. my-iWallet is an innovative application utilizing Biometrics to log securely onto Web Sites by simply Scanning your finger or face, voice or biosmartcard.

Passwords Max 5.87 B5851 5851

Passwords Max 5.87 B5851 5851

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Passwords Max Standard Edition is the premier password manager for home and office personal use. For corporations, government bodies, and other organizations, we suggest Passwords Max for Groups. Using a password management program, you can reduce the number of passwords you'll need to remember to only one. You can also keep track of and access all of your other passwords and generate extremely complex passwords to effectively secure your data or network access.

Passwords Max allows you to effectively and easily manage the many passwords that you need to access web sites and secure applications. Implementing strong, consistent password security is easy.

* All you need to remember is one master password.
* Passwords and other information can be transferred to other applications automatically. You will have fewer login problems. You'll never have to worry about forgetting a password or losing access to critical applications or web sites.
* An integrated secure internet browser makes web page access seamless and prevents "rogue" browser plug-ins from stealing critical information. An optional automatic form filler is included, customizable for each password account.
* Your information is protected using your choice of 6 proven encryption methods: Blowfish, Triple DES, DES, MDC/SHS, RC4, and Safer.
* Passwords can be generated using over 32 variations including hexadecimal, dictionary, concatenated words, and full "Department of Defense compliance". "If you want a password manager that provides the right password for any situation, use Passwords Max."
* You can store additional sensitive information such as credit card numbers and PINs.
* You have access to professional grade reports, both pre-formatted and customizable.
* You can directly encrypt/decrypt files on your system, or embed small files with a selected password account.
* You can run the application on any 32-bit Windows platform such as Windows XP, Windows 2003 Serve, and Windows Vista, from any local or network drive, or even rewritable media. Take advantage of the latest technology such as USB flash drives (biometric or regular, 16MB or larger) without losing any of the security benefits of Passwords Max.
* Friendly, helpful support is available via e-mail or our forum at no extra charge.
* There are many more features than listed here, but if you find that you need one that isn't currently supported, you can rest assured that development is ongoing and suggestions from registered users are always considered as priority items.
Release notes: New Release<br/>TE Updated third party libraries.
TE Rollup miscellaneous minor fixes and enhancements. <br/> [ Passwords Max full changelog ]

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