Photo Spots Wild Animals 1.0

Photo Spots Wild Animals 1.0

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Photo hunt game (Spot the difference) with backdrop of animals pictues in their natural habitat around the world.
This game is packed with 100 pictures for you to explore the wilderness.
Spot 3 differences before countdown clock expires.
Test your observational skills and reaction time today!

The 100 pictures including....

01. Alaska King Crab Japan
02. Cattle Egret Florida
03. Mexican Free Tailed Bats
04. Ouachita Madtom
05. Pelican Walvis Bay Namibia
06. Fog Birds Tree
07. Giraffes Gazelles Namibia
08. Cedar Waxwing Berries
09. Colorless Nudibranch
10. Stag Beetle Sunset
11. Bog Turtle
12. Brown Vine Snake Panama
13. Elephant Herd Grass Tanzania
14. Bottlenose Dolphins Surf
15. African Spurred Tortoise
16. Bowerbird Flowers Laman
17. Brown Bear Mountains
18. Cheetah South Africa
19. Clown Anemonefish Indonesia Laman
20. Deer Nara Japan
21. Eagles In Flight
22. Elephant Trio Etosha National Park
23. Alligator Eggs Johns_
24. Albino Alligator Underwater
25. Egret Reflection Florida
26. American Bullfrog Grass
27. Baby Elephant Keepers Nichols
28. Bathing Parrot
29. Cattle Egrets India
30. Cheetah Mother Cubs
31. Chimp Call
32. Cuban Tree Frog
33. Diving Tiger
34. Dog Sled Spitsbergen
35. Elephant Festival Jaipur India
36. Elephant Herd Kenya
37. Emperor Penguin Divers Nicklen
38. Flamingo Chicks Nigge
39. Foja Mountain Frog Laman
40. Giraffe Mother Calf
41. Giraffes Herd Kenya
42. Glass Eels Estuary
43. Green Lizard Cuba
44. Hawksbill Turtle Barbados
45. Hmong Child Buffalo
46. Horse Rider Bangladesh
47. Japanese Macaques Winter
48. Kangaroo Joey Australia
49. King Penguins
50. Lion Tree Uganda Sartore
51. Little Owl Spain
52. Lynx Snowy Forest
53. Manta Ray Underwater Maldives
54. Moose Brown
55. Moose Snake River
56. Ocelot California Sartore
57. Zebra Tanzania Zwan
58. Zebra Pair Kenya
59. Wood Frog Swamp
60. Whitetip Shark Bahamas Skerry
61. White Pelicans Mississippi
62. Whale Shark Skerry
63. Two Blue Herons
64. Tree Frog Deitcher
65. Toxic Nudibranch
66. Stallions Fighting Farlow
67. Springbok Namibia
68. Silverback Gorilla Leaves Africa
69. Siesta La Paz
70. Cage Divers Great White
71. Cheetah Tree Lanting
72. Chicken Farm Essick
73. Elephants Chobe Reserve
74. Female Langurs Offspring
75. Frog Metal Object
76. Gentoo Penguins Diving
77. Giraffe Silhouette Zambia
78. Green Snake Yawning
79. Green Turtle Egypt
80. Hippo Pod Africa
81. Jellyfish Palau
82. Koi Feeding Heisch
83. Leopard Kenya Bender
84. Lions Johns
85. Macaque Family Japan
86. Moray Eel Japan Skerry
87. Namaqua Chameleon Namibia
88. Owl Carolina Raptor Center
89. Polar Bears Nicklen
90. Red Foxes Connecticut
91. Right Whale New Zealand Skerry
92. Wild Horse Mongolia
93. Zebras Botswana Haas
94. Baby Macaque India
95. Cheeky Meerkat
96. Ciscoes Canada
97. Emperor Penguins Antarctica
98. Fallow Deer Park Kent Richardson
99. Giraffe Tall Grass
100. Leaping Langur Monkey

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