PhotoLapse 2.1

PhotoLapse 2.1

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We've changed our name! Pikfliks has now become PhotoLapse - with improved functionality and sharing capabilities.

Turn your photo's into movies, then share them on Facebook or email using the simple 'synch' button.

Photolapse can take photos as a stand-alone time-lapse camera to record the big moments and events in your life, make stop-motion animations, or construct beautiful time-lapse video. Set your time interval and walk away - Photolapse will take the photos for you. When youre done you can review and edit the sequence, scale, orientation of the pictures that have been taken, and then play as a movie.

In Manual mode, Photolapse puts the control in your hands it will give you an alarm to prompt you when you should take the next picture in the sequence. You can even overlay the previous shot to line up the next shot using the optional onion skin transparency function. And if the shot is not quite right, you can edit to rotate, shift or re-scale pictures against the onion skin to get the right image before saving.

When youve finished taking pictures, Photolapse will convert the images into a movie that can be played at varying speeds, and with a range of slideshow effects.

Select the 'synch' button to create the movie, connect to itunes it can be saved to itunes on your computer.

Some ideas of what you can do with Photolapse:

Prop it up, choose a time interval and walk away Photolapse compresses time and makes it EASY to convert to video and share. Watch flowers bloomwatch the sun setwatch your new house be constructed in secondswatch your child grow up in minutes!

Record parties, weddings and other key events on auto, in compressed time to capture the entire mood of the event. Rather than a single snapshot, Photolapse will sit in the corner and snap the entire event!

Preserve your day! Photolapse will capture your day into a minute to use as video diary and share with friends on Facebook.

Make stop-motion animations - bring drawings and toys to life!

Photolapse Key Features:
-Allows a wide variation in time-lapse intervals from seconds to weeks
-Automatic, time-interval based manual and full manual (untimed) modes
-Use onion skin transparencies to line up pictures against others in the sequence
-Edit individual images with multi-touch finger gestures to line up/ rotate/ re-scale and match to the rest of the sequence
-Can use either front and rear facing cameras
-Auto flash setting
-Play back at a variety of speeds (from slide-show speeds to normal video playback pace), with a number of transition effects to duplicate the flick book feel
-Overview pane allows users to edit/ delete and move images in the sequence
-Easy sharing via email and Facebook

For more information, instructional videos and some great examples of uses, please visit You can also share videos and keep up to date with Photolapse development at

Help us to improve Photolapse:
We value your input and feedback to enhance and develop the Photolapse app into the future, so please visit us at and let us know your thoughts and recommendations.
Changes: Iads Enabled
Share bugs removed
Auto Photolapse Enabled