PianoGato 1.1.0

PianoGato 1.1.0

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Publisher: Tanadium
License: Freeware
Size: 15.8 MB
Date added: 2014-03-14
Downloads: 2
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Compose and play back piano compositions anywhere, anytime. Compose your songs using standard music notations on a score sheet, adjust playback settings and then listen to your compositions one at a time or together as part of a playlist.

PianoGato composer is designed for:

* Piano music lovers wishing to listen to their favorite songs for which they have score sheets;
* Professional and amateur musicians to compose and listen to songs on-the-go;
* Music students learning music composition and notations;
* Pianists of all levels learning a new piece and wishing to listen to the whole song, or a section of the song; and
* Learners of music symbols, and in particular, how they are played back on the piano.

PianoGato composer is downloaded and installed as a Basic Version with simple composition options available by default. Upgrade from within the app to enable all composition options by purchasing the Composer Extras Package via an In-App Purchase.

The Basic Version includes the following features:

* Time Signature: 4/4;
* Key Signature: C Major;
* Tempo: Allegro (crotchet/quarter note) at 120 bpm;
* Note durations from breve down to semi-quaver;
* Accidentals: sharp, flat, natural, double sharp, double flat;
* Up to four different parts/voices;
* Rendering of compositions for playback;
* Management of playlists for the play back of compositions; and
* Editing of composition meta data, such as composer name, version and song name.

In addition to the features in the Basic Version, the PianoGato Composer Extras Package offers the full range of piano composition options, such as:

* Configurable key and time signatures;
* Note durations down to the hundred twenty-eighth (semihemidemisemiquaver) note;
* Dotted notes;
* Ties;
* Slurs;
* Pedals;
* Dynamics;
* Grace notes;
* Articulations;
* Ornaments;
* Accidentals within ornaments;
* Tuplets;
* Arpeggios;
* Glissandos;
* Octave changes;
* Tremolos;
* Pickup measures;
* Tempo specifications;
* Changes in tempo;
* Time and key signature changes;
* Repeats;
* Coda sections;
* Adjustable playback dynamic velocities; and
* Velocity balances between the different parts/voices.

Changes: Added help documentation.
Fixed repeat section alternative-ending removal bug.
Fixed glissando sound rendering bug.
Fixed clef change display rendering bug.
Changed how pickup measures are applied - now uses first (left-most) selected

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.