Pickup Deck 1.0.0

Pickup Deck 1.0.0

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Pickup Deck contains hundreds of pickup lines for you to use when struggling to find that perfect opening line.

When you start Pickup Deck, you will be greeted with a random pickup line. If the line is no good, swipe or flick the card in any direction to throw it away and get another random one.

You can easily select which kinds of pickup lines you want by tapping the bottom button. This will reveal a list of filters that you can apply. Not into crude or cheesy pickup lines? Simply uncheck these boxes in the filter list.

You can mark any pickup line as your favorite by tapping the star in the upper left corner. To only get you your favorite lines, simply check the "Show only favorites" box in the filter list.

If you find a pickup that you really love (or that worked well), why not share it with your friends? Tap the top right share button to share any card by e-mail or Facebook.

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