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Capturix ScanShare 7.01.805
Share a scanner device over the network. With this application you can share any compatible scanner (TWAIN) over the network and use it also as a copy machine.
Tiff Paging 1.5
A new unique utility for those who deal with tiff files. Tiff Paging can extract the pages you want from your tiff files. Tiff Paging will merge several files into one. Besides, it can rotate, resize and crop TIFF files in batch.
TiffCombine 1.5
The most user-friendly tool to combine TIFF files. Tiff Combine combines several pages into one tiff file in seconds. It is easy-to-use due to transparent interface. You can combine selected TIFF files or Tiff files within folders.

Picture Patrol Officer 9

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(512k): 32 s
(1Mb): 16 s
(2Mb): 08 s
(5Mb): 04 s
(10Mb): 02 s

Picture Patrol Officer allows you to search and download the thousands of pictures that are available for download via Usenet.

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F-Recovery for xD-Picture Card 2.5 -  F-Recovery for xD-Picture undelete lost data from xD Picture cards used by digital cameras. If you have unintentionally deleted or formatted pictures, videos or sound files on your data medium or have pulled it out during a write operation, not to ... (150/0) download
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