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Software License Tracker Pro 2.9
Software License Tracker Pro is a flexible software license management system for Windows users.
IMM Conversion 6.05
Now users can easily get IMM Conversion to PST, MBOX and EML with the help of IncrediMail IMM Converter Tool. The Software would assist users to Convert IMM Emails to PST, MBOX and EML with accurate manner.
Super Prize Wheel 2.1.2
Retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows, parties and games are a perfect place to use a prize wheel. With the fun environment it brings to the event, it is a sure way to keep the atmosphere fun and exciting.

Pioneer 3.64

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Pioneer is a GRML web browser. Pioneer is a web browser that reads and displays character-delimited and GRML files and web pages. Content is editable, sortable, printable, and savable. It is displayed using four different views: Report, Horizontal List, Vertical List, and Thumbnail.To view content from a file or web page requires a browser window. When Pioneer is first launched, it creates a browser window. A browser window contains a form (sometimes) and a view (always). The form sends requests to a website. The view displays any content.Using Pioneer Report MDI, it is possible to open many browser windows for viewing files and web pages. All browser windows reside in the workspace.Navigating browser windows, in the workspace, is done by clicking on the window to bring it to focus. Or, using the Workspace Explorer window, double-clicking the item with the name of the browser window brings it to focus. If an item is a browser item, it has connection status and result count information as child items (below it). Selecting this item displays additional information in the Details window. This includes displaying the original request, the destination of any form requests, and the location of the temporary file. Pioneer Report MDI sends file and web requests to other applications. Using the Send...To toolbar, it is possible for other applications to display the results of a request. By default, the Send...To toolbar sends requests to the default HTML web browser. However, it is possible to send requests to Notepad, Microsoft Word/Excel, or Photoshop if desired.All requests are saved in history. Each browser window has its own history, used for navigation. Also, there is a History window that loads and displays history files. While browser window history is temporary, it is possible to save items in the History window. If it is necessary to customize the History window, simply delete items or import and add requests. To make the requests easy to remember, rename them as necessary.

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