Pitching Grips & Drills - Coach's Guide 2.0

Pitching Grips & Drills - Coach's Guide 2.0

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Welcome to the end all be all app for inspiring pitchers and coaches breeding the next MLB Allstars!

Pitching Grips and Drill will teach you how to throw and Master of the most common pitches. Complete with How to descriptions, detailed videos, and tons of HD pictures!

Drill & Practice like the major leagues! Keep your pitches sharp but doing the exact drills the pros do! With step by step instructions to make sure you get the most out of each practice whether your alone or coaching a team use this app!

- Features ?

- How to Pitch and Master all the top pitches the pros use!

- Pitching Drills lets you imitate MLB Allstars by doing the same practices they do!

- Mental Tips from the top Baseball enthusiast keep you head in the game no matter the situation!

- Study the List of MLB Rules that apply only to Pitchers!

- Great videos from across the web that reinforce everything within the app!

- Pitches ?

- 2-Seam Fastball
- 4-Seam Fastball
- Beginners Curveball
- Straight Curveball
- Knuckle Curveball
- Screwball
- Slider
- Palmball
- 3 Finger Changeup
- Circle Changeup
- Cutter
- Knuckleball
- and more....

Be the best pitcher you can be, check out this app!
Changes: Bug Fixes

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