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ArtCursors 5.25
ArtCursors allows you to edit static and animated cursors in color depths up to 32-bit True Color. You also can search files and folders for cursors, import and export cursor images and create cursor libraries for better and more efficient storage.
Sib Cursor Editor 3.13
Sib Cursor Editor is a power-packed means for creating images of cursors of your own. You'll be able to create and edit static/animated cursors. A multitude of special effects will give cursors as much eye-candy as you wish!

PL-photo3D 1.0

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PL-photo3D is a Freeware dedicated to Non-Linear Photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is the technique of measuring objects (3D) from photographs. Only pairs of photographs taken with the same cam (same settings) are required to calculate the 3D-space coordinates of objects in a scene. The optical parameters of the cam (Focal distance, Distortion characteristics) as well as the location and orientation of the cam do not need to be known in advance, if Control Points are used.

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Oracle Reports Barcode PLL with PL SQL Source 1.2 -  Add barcodes to Oracle Reports with this library. The barcode library is a cross-platform PLL file that formats data from fields in the report to barcode fonts. Includes PL/SQL source code and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Unix. ... (3/0) download
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