Planit Planner 1.1

Planit Planner 1.1

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Planit is a planner app for the iPhone that is super minimal, elegant and easy to use. Achieve your goals by planning your life!

Planit is a daily planner app for the iPhone with minimal design aesthetics. It is shockingly simple, quick and easy to use. This is extremely important when planning is such a repetitive task in our lives.

Planning is one of the best ways we can take control of our lives and find daily success. Thomas Edison said, "Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning." Many of the successful people in the world didn't find their success through luck, but by planning their life towards their goals. Planit can be a tool to help you accomplish your goals.

-- Features --

** Precise Event Planning **
Easily create, drag and resize your events. The timeline is detailed enough to plan events as small as 5 minutes and as large as a whole day. This is important for those of us with busy lives where every minute counts.

** Integrated Weather and Temperature **
One of the most important factors for planning your daily activities is the weather. Like a boss, Planit displays the weather and temperature in the top right corner of the current day and the next 5 days.

** 3D Page Turning **
As iPhone users, we love ease-of-use and simplicity. Planit offers these with its sleek flat user interface and 3D page turning. Simply, swipe to turn the page and view different days or months for scheduling your events. Minimalism is a key part of the Planit design philosophy.

** Simplistic Calendar View **
Just use a pinch gesture to show the calendar. You can easily page through months and jump to days far off in the future to plan out important, but distant events.

** To-do List on Events **
One of the best ways to accomplish your goals, is to break them down into smaller specific tasks. Planit allows you to do this, by giving you the option of adding subtasks to each event. As you complete the tasks, a meter to the left shows a quick view of your progress.

** Pick Your Own Style **
Planit has a large collection of various themes so you can find the style that fits your personality and style. Whether you are in to cutesy, artsy or haxxor, Planit has the theme for you!

** Push Notifications **
Never forget a meeting again. Easily set notifications on your important events. This is a must have for any planner application.

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