Pogoseat - Upgrade to Better Seats During a Game 3.0

Pogoseat - Upgrade to Better Seats During a Game 3.0

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Pogoseat gives you the freedom of in-event ticket upgrades and access to unique fan experiences during live entertainment events. It is a simple way to upgrade to a better seat on demand at a sports game, a concert or even a broadway show. With only a few touches on your phone you can improve your seating situation in just 1-2 minutes!

Tell Pogoseat how many seats you'd like to upgrade and where you're currently sitting, get credit for your current ticket, choose your new seat from the venue seating map, pay for it and your new digital ticket will be delivered right to your phone!

We adjust prices throughout your event according to the amount of time left and other variables to ensure you the best value on your upgrade.
Changes: - Faster download time
- Use your phone's camera to scan your ticket.
- A new preview screen to let you effortlessly browse upgrades.
- Several bug fixes.
- Performance enhancements create a smoother experience.

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