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AnVir Task Manager Pro 7.5
Complete app that controls everything on computer. Monitor your system (replace Task Manager). Get rid of spyware and viruses. Enhance and tune up XP or Vista. Accelerate your PC and Windows boot process. Task manager. Startup manager.
Magic Utilities 2009 6.01
Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer clean and more stable.
Schedule Start Stop 2.0
Schedule Start Stop is a simple application allows you to schedule programs to run and close at certain times.

Portable Application Launcher 3.1.5

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Portable Application Launcher organises shortcuts into groups and categories. It's accessed via the system tray or user defined hotkeys. Several styles and some languages are included. It can also be used as a portable desktop. PAL is capable of automatically installing Format (PAF) applications, as well as many entries on PortableFreeware. There's a browser for downloading apps which can be used with Universal Extractor and a simplistic updater module. It also includes several extras like a favorites bar, "most-used apps" menu, file manager & search, RSS & Ical readers, timer and more. Features: application tree view or list view favorites optional docs tab displays a documents folder optionally multiple pages can be used to maintain multiple application trees search, notes, coundown, counter, drive info Drag&Drop files from windows explorer Integrated browser PAF File installation run apps as single instance terminate process optionally exit button closes opened programs optional integration of EjectUSB (configure EjectUSB.ini carefully!) tray icon hotkeys display most used apps (by right clicking the apps button in default style) hide 64bit application in a 32bit environment hide programs for private use

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