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Store Manager for Magento PRO
Store Manager for Magento is a desktop application that allows you quickly and effectively manage your Magento online store.
PG Real Estate Solution NOV.2010
PG Real Estate - a turnkey solution to build a Real Estate Web Site. Highly flexible, it is a perfect solution for Powerful Real Estate Portal (property lease, rent and sale marketplace), Independent Realtors or Real Estate Agencies.
Store Manager for PrestaShop PRO
Store Manager for PrestaShop is a desktop application to quickly and effectively manage your PrestaShop online store.

Projects Explorer 1.83

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Projects Explorer is an enterprise level problem tracking system designed especially for bug tracking. Projects Explorer is easy to use and setup. The tool for individual and group conducting projects on creation, introduction and support of software. Free from use of the 3d-party applications and services. You do not need to establish and adjust any paid or free-of-charge the databases. The program is developed by us as the base tool of groups of software developers and used by many IT-Companies. Projects Explorer is used for fixing mistakes and discrepancies found out in result by: - testings of issued software, - introductions of a product, - commercial operation of an accompanied product. Separate section of objects Projects Explorer are \\completions\\ or \\required functional and optional expansions of a used complex\\ which can arise during support and development of information system. You can always receive various reports on current a status of any project. The system of formation of the user search of the data with which help various target reports are formed is realized: from the list \\ToDo\\ for each participant of the project, up to the document \\What`s new\\ for any project. Using Projects Explorer you will be always in a rate of the current status of all your projects.

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