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Copysafe PDF Converter 1.4
CopySafe PDF is the most secure solution for distributing copy protected PDF files and the only solution that can copy protect PDFs from all avenues of copy including Printscreen and ALL screen capture.
Copysafe PDF Protector 3.0
CopySafe PDF provides the most secure copy protection for eBook and PDF documents with the option of preventing sharing and expiry by hours or days from first use. Ideal for secure distribution by email, download, CD or displayed on your web page.
Copysafe Web 4.0
Copysafe Web is the most secure solution available for copy protection of web pages and images from all methods of copying including Printscreen and screen capture.

Purger v1.3

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(10Mb): < 1 sec

Allows you to completely eliminate files that you do not wish to be recovered. Deleting a file does not eliminate it completely. The deleted file is marked in such a way that it is no longer displayed when running the "Dir&quot\; command, and the space on the disk used by the file is made available. With Purger, you can quickly purge a file, a selected group of files, or all the files in the current directory. It overwrites the entire file with zeros (a default character which you can change), and then deletes the file. You can delete files of any type and any size.

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Mac Mail Purger 2.0.4 -  Delete all mail bomb messages located in your POP3 email box. Mac Mail Purger allows you to empty your POP3 email box of all of it's email in a very short amount of time. ... (29/0) download