Quake Escape 1.0

Quake Escape 1.0

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Will the Mayan predictions in 2012 come true? Some say that this is the end of the world while others foresee it as being only the start to worldly disasters! Quake Escape is set during the heart of these changes, where earthquakes run rampant, aftershocks increase in volume each day, and tsunamis take form worldwide.

Play with various characters facing danger from around the globe. The types of challenges you will encounter are:

Catch good objects while avoiding harmful objects

Collect enough batteries to power your phone

Find a cellphone hotspot that will enable you to make a rescue call you desperately need

Run fiercely to safety

Race your vehicle out of harm's way

Collect powerups to increase your survival chances

Quake Escape takes you into a world where you are challenged to survive a natural disaster. Do you have what it takes to survive? Only one way to find out...


* 13 unique campaign levels in places like Egypt, New York, and Tokyo

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