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Member Organizer Pro 2.9
Membership Manager for Windows. Our software gives you an easy way to manage, track, and organize data of small organizations, sociaties, clubs, camps, interest groups, associations, health clubs..
Contact Organizer Pro 2.9
Contact Organizer Pro is a flexible contact management software for Windows users. Our software solution gives you an easy way to gather, organize and manage information about all your business contacts.
LeaderTask Portable 5.5.9
LeaderTask is a business organizer for a modern person. LeaderTask has a smart system for managing projects, tasks, contacts, events.

Quick Info v1.6

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Lets you quickly look up Internet country codes, area codes for US states, and local times and country and city dialing codes for international cities. Quick Info provides you with the latest US area codes (including future area codes not yet implemented) for all 50 states and territories. It also lists the timezone, state, and general location of the area code.It also includes a list of Internet country codes and their corresponding country. For example, would indicate that a Web site is in Canada.In addition, Quick Info includes a list of approximately 1500 international cities and countries with their local time, country dialing code and city dialing codes.Quick Info also includes a list of Internet suffixes, including top-level domain suffixes for countries and the standard .com, .gov, .mil, etc.

Efficient Calendar matched in SoftList
Free Webeditor 1.5.2002 -  Free Webeditor is a Freeware HTML editor application that has advanced features such as autocomplete for HTML and Javascript, syntax coloring, tag inspector and quick info. ... (10/0) download
Free Webeditor 1.5.5 -  Free Webeditor is a Freeware HTML editor that has advanced features such as autocomplete, syntax coloring, tag inspector ,quick info. It also has many wizards such as framesets wizard, cascading style sheets (css) wizard. ... (0/0) download
Flip face Game 1.0.1 -  ****************Create amazing face swap pictures in moments.****************Flip Face is very fun app app for taking pictures and flipping the faces over. Quick, accurate automatic face detection and placement.Flip Face makes it so easy to ... ... (3/0) download
1-Click Answers 2.3.0 - is a revolutionary Answer Engine: a one-click reference library on demand, offering information on over 4 million topics. With 1-Click Answers software, just Alt-click on any word in any Windows application (e-mail, browser, Office, and ... (63/0) download
dtrt.NavBarWin 1.0 -  This Access-like Windows Forms data navigation control is built to work with datasets, views, collections and every object that implements the IList interface. It works in the Microsoft .NET Framework and is best used in the Microsoft VS.NET ... (35/0) download
Akti Planner 2.17 -  Akti Planner is a visual time organizer and tracker that can manage several people schedules simultaneously. It features the unique ability of handling recurring and any level nested appointments. Using these features, you always can model complex ... (163/0) download
PocketPRP for Windows Mobile Pocket PC 1.08 -  PocketPRP Features :-- A Travel/Itinerary Manager. Templates of Trips &amp; Itineraries. Create new Trips &amp; Itineraries instantly from these templates.- Live Weather Reports. ... (4/0) download
dbForge Studio Express for MySQL 5.00 -  dbForge Studio for MySQL is the most powerful MySQL management and administartion tool combining the features of phpMyAdmin, MySQL Administrator, and other MySQL GUI tools (MySQL Front Ends). ... (33/0) download
Tiny MP3 Player 1 -  - This is the Ultimate Tiny MP3 player component. - The blue style gives it stylish look and feel. It is small and easy for embeding in your website. - It has the ability to select song from a playlist and search through current playing song. ... (2/0) download
dbForge Studio for SQL Server 3.00 -  dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an integrated environment for SQL Server development and administration, data reporting and analysis.This developer tool speeds up routine tasks enabling complex database changes. ... (74/0) download