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My Menu Explorer 1.17
The start menu replacement My Menu Explorer allows easy customization of your personal start menu for Windows as desired. My Menu Explorer combines valuable features of a customizable start menu with the familiar user interface of Windows Explorer.
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QuikMenu 4 Basic Edition (32-bit) v4.3

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QuikMenu 4 Basic Edition (32-bit) is a powerful menu utility that lets you replace the Windows' Explorer shell with your own customized environment. You can create a desktop with images, text, buttons, icons and hot spots for launching applications. Related text, programs and other items may be conveniently grouped on their own screen "pages". Multi-level password security can control desktop access and protect individual pages, programs and functions.Other features include: a built-in calculator, a phonebook, a text editor, a calendar, a usage log, and a built-in file manager that can zip/unzip files.

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