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n-Track Studio 6.0
Multitrack recording and editing software with support for realtime effects through DirectX plug-ins (Reverb, Compression, Chorus, Delay, Pitch Shift, Graphic and Parametric EQ effects are included), audio and MIDI tracks, 24 bit soundcards and more.
Replay AV 8.5
Replay A/V is a great way to capture & convert all kinds of streaming audio and video, including Radio Shows, Online TV Broadcasts, Streaming Video and Audio clips, and Podcasts. The integrated Media Guide and URL finder make it really easy to use.
Skype Audio Recorder 5.0
This tool records all Skype call and voice conversations to mp3 files automatically. Besides Skype, Also you can set it automatically record other VoIP software such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, etc.

QuteSampler 1.05

QuteSampler 1.05

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(512k): 06 m 34 s
(1Mb): 03 m 17 s
(2Mb): 01 m 39 s
(5Mb): 40 s
(10Mb): 20 s

QuteSampler is a useful software that will help you create full audio tracks. QuteSampler does not require special music education. Uses WAV (MP3) audio samples as instruments. 64 tracks. Very handy to use as a drum machine.Installation includes a pack of basic instruments. Almost all needed to create modern music. Talent required also though.

Some features:

* mastering Reverb, Equalizer, Compressor - makes you song sound little more professional
* 100 tracks - on each you may put some melody
* using any WAV, MP3 files as instruments - you may cut any music fragment from your favourite song
* samples stretching and pitching - and you may fit any music fragment from other song to your composition (this is how actually many modern hits are made, they use samples from use sampling)
* instruments library - more than 400 samples (pianos, percussion, synthsizers etc.)