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Book Writer 5.50
Manage your writing projects to write anything faster, better, easier. Keep records on people, places, events, and notes to have your research right beside your writings. Writer-friendly features let you be a writer instead of a computer operator.
MultiTranse Oriental 6.4
A versatile translation suite for 12 eastern languages, including Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Hebrew and 5 European languages. Quick and easy translations at a great price!

Radar Verifier 1.0

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Traffic radar verification and calibration software. Features: -Works just like a tuning fork, but utilizes the PC Speakers -Works for all radar bands (even European) Selectable frequencies. -Settings for MPH or KPH units -Verifies calibration of both stationary and moving-mode radar -Accurate to < 1Hz (less than .05 MPH) -Can verify proper operation throughout the whole operating range -Perfect for the test bench, on installed on the patrol car laptop (external speaker recommended) -Digital Audio Technology provides accurate, consistent results every time

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